Friday, May 15, 2015

Sunday 16 May 2015 Field Trips!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Here's some great music for you to make it even better :)

First off one of our artists, Phemie Alcott, is sponsoring a fund-raising event:
Phemie Alcott Presents: !ndustry for Nepal

11:00am Sassy Nitely
11:30am Oblee
12:00pm Zachh Cale
12:30pm Phemie Alcott
1:00pm Jase Turtleface
1:30pm Caasi Ansar
2:00pm DJ Jessyca Teardrop
3:00pm Jukebox Diesel
3:30pm DJ Malachai Decuir
4:00pm Keeba Tammas
4:30pm Mark Allan Jensen
5:00pm Acousticenergy Nitely
5:30pm Collin Martin
6:00pm Oakley Foxtrot
6:30pm Red Heaven
7:00pm Anidi Huet
7:30pm Ashton Andretti
8:00pm Rara Destiny

Field Trips:

1pm Sassy Nitely

4p  Gweeb
4pm NeoMaximus Brandenberg

6pm David Csiszer

7pm Reggie Sunset

8pm Kinagree Smith
8pm NeoMaximus Brandenberg

10pm Beth Odets

Have a great weekend and happy listening  :)