Sunday, December 27, 2015

Field Trips for Monday Dec 28th

We hope everyone has had very happy holidays! We are back today with some great field trips (as always!) to let you in on! Support The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community and our wonderful family of musicians by going to shows, buying music and, if you have a blog, adding us to your site! Thank you so much for supporting our passion. Also please take a moment and go to and Vote for The Dirty Grind's Strum Diesel.

The Vinnie Show

Agusto Napoli

David Csiszer
Etherian Kamaboko

The Vinnie Show

Reggie Sunset

Lyndon Heart

And that's it for today! There may be a few other shows from artists who haven't yet shared their calendar.

Have a great day and happy listening. Remember, visit us anytime at!
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