Friday, June 3, 2016

Saturday June 4th Field Trips!

Happy Saturday everyone!! It's the weekend and you know what that means...It's time for you Saturday dose of Dirty Grind Family Field Trips! Make sure to attend the shows, bring your friends , and show these amazing artists and venues your support! Just don't forget to tell 'em who sent ya!

2pm Field Trips! Agusto Napoli  & Effinjay!

Agusto Napoli @ Vincents

Effinjay @ Free Spirit

4pm Field Trip! David Csiszer @ Love Kats! Praslin Isle/193/211/36

5pm Field Trip! Strum Diesel @ Meow Meow Lounge!

7pm Field Trip! Beth Odets & Effinjay!

Beth Odets @ Bat & Two

Effinjay @ MacLintons Pub

And of course you can hear all of these awesome artists 24/7 @