Friday, February 12, 2016

Dead Cupid Ball live! Saturday, Feb 13th

Date:        13 february, AD 2016
Time:        3-9p PT
Dress Code:  Bwahahaha! Never;)

Cupid is dead at The Dirty Grind, but passion and love for the arts will never wane. join us with your partner in crime, not so secret admirer, group of friends, or enjoy with new friends for 100% live music at "one of the grid's friendliest communities!"

Celebrating 5 years a the grid's BEST authentic Adirondack steampunk experience!

3 Gypsy Dhrua
4 Lyndon Heart
5 Effinjay
6 Shannon Oherlihy
7 Senjata Witt
8 Wald Schridde

Winner of Showtime Magazine's Live Music Award for Best Unique Venue
Winner of Showtime Magazine's Live Top Ten Venue
Recipient of three silver Avi Choice Awards,.2015
Nominated for seven Avi Choice Awards, 2016

Featured in the Sim Street Journal #16: Visual Music
Featured in Windlight Magazine January 2016 Edition