Thursday, February 25, 2016

Friday Feb. 26th Field Trips!!

We here at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community like to keep all of you informed as to the whereabouts of our amazing artists, so you can catch them live as much as possible. So without further adieu's Friday's Field Trip Lineup!

11am Field Trip! Agusto Napoli @ Zeng Music Venue

2pm Field Trip! Agusto Napoli @ Surfside

1pm Field Trip! Strum Diesel @ Wild PonyGirls Theater!

3pm Field Trip! Beth Odets @ Surfside!

5pm Field Trips! David Csiszer & Wald Schridde!

David Csiszer @ LemonRock

Wald Schridde @ Rennaisance Island!

7pm Field Trip! Laidback Celt @ Roadhouse Campfire!

8pm Field Trip! David Csiszer @ CLUB ZYDECO!

As always you can catch The Dirty Grind Family of Artists on Radio Grind 24/7 @ :