Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sunday LIVE @ The Dirty Grind!

Hello all of you wonderful people! We at The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community hope that you are all enjoying your weekend, and we only hope to add to it with an awesome performance In-House! While you are here , make sure to Check out the amazing work of our Featured Visual Artist JudiLynn,  and bring all of your friends!

4pm NeoMaximus Brandenburg

For the best live music experience, Neo creates his own accompaniment tracks for his guitar playing and singing so he always plays live. He is also known for his accoustic shows.  

After The shows at The Dirty Grind Venue, we also have some field trips lined up!

6pm Field Trip! Shannon Oherlihy @ Nitida!

9pm Field Trip! Lyndon Heart @ AfterDark!