Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wednesday March 16th LIVE @ The Dirty Grind!

On Wednesday , March 16th -The Dirty Grind is proud to present one of our famous in-house lineups!  Prepare yourself for 4 solid hours of 100% LIVE musical entertainment! While you are stopped in, make sure to check out the wonderful work of our Featured Visual Artist Judilynn!


4PM Agusto Napoli
Agusto delivers a good 'ol fashioned live acoustic show that will have you dancing in your seat, if not up on your feet.  His smooth vocals and easy-going style will leave you begging for an encore.

5PM Gypsy Dhrua

Gypsy is known by her peers as " The Queen of the parodies " , and with good reason.  She offers a very entertaining show that will leave you laughing and dancing along!

6PM Shannon Oherlihy

Shannon creates contemporary folk music with rich vocals and songs that resonate with a strong sense of the human experience.

7PM Naga Flow

Naga presents a concoction of Blues and Folk instrumental sound coupled with a hauntingly beautiful singing voice, that will leave the audience speechless and wanting more. Bring your lighters folks, you'll need one for a Naga Flow show.